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OZL Magnetic Dropcatch Bottle Opener

Our signature product, this is where it all began for OZL.  Handmade from genuine English Oak, the Magnetic Dropcatch Bottle Opener is an unusual and stylish addition to any kitchen, study, games room or shed.  

Available in a variety of styles from global brands to rustic simple, we offer personalised engraving to set your item apart.  Finished in environmentally-friendly oil and wax and built to last, the OZL opener never fails to deliver.

Our Story

We started our journey into woodwork back in 2016 with the birth of our son and a need for somewhere to store toys. Since then, our passion for woodwork has grown and grown, just like him. We strive to provide high quality items that will last for generations. We hate a throw away attitude and believe if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. Which is why we don’t compromise on quality.

What we do

We provide quality items at a quality price. No one raves about average! We aim to minimise waste and use the least amount of plastic we can.