Lending the personal touch

OZL can make your item your own

Why blend in?  OZL can take the item of your choice and turn it into something extra special.  By choosing to add some text to your item, create a lasting impact and something that will truly stand out.

When you add any Magnetic Dropcatch Opener to your shopping cart, you will have the option of choosing a message from one of our suggestions.  If you would like to change or insert a name to add that extra personal touch, then please get in contact and let us know.  

If you don't see anything that's perfect for you, then feel free to contact OZL - the chances are our team have the woodworking skills to create what you are looking for!

Magnetic Dropcatch Openers

Lee's Bar

Mum's Tonic

Man Cave

Husband + Date

I Love U, I Know

I Drink And I Know Things

Happy 30th

Happy 21st

Happy 18th

Good Health

Dad's Beer

Bride - Groom + Date

Best Man + Date

Best Dad Ever

#1 Dad

Keep Calm and Drink Cider

Keep Calm + Drink Beer

Keep Calm and Drink Ale

Cheese Board

I love You, I Know

Kiss Me Hug Me Love Me

Love Is Love

Happy Mother's Day


Touch Me, Stroke Me, Lick Me

True Love Lasts Forever

Woodn't Change You

You're My Perfect